May 9, 2022

MN350 statement on the draft decision to overturn Roe v. Wade 

At its core, Roe v. Wade recognizes the fundamental right to privacy. When the right to privacy is attacked, anyone in our country may face a future where the government can interfere in their personal decisions. Not just people with female assigned reproductive systems. Anyone.

Once again we are seeing a stark difference between public opinion and public policy. 69% of U.S. adults say they would not like to see the Supreme Court overturn Roe v. Wade. This mirrors the majority (61%) of Americans who think Congress should do more to address global warming. And yet, the erosion of democratic principles and the almighty dollar have ensured in both cases that the powerful few can continue to do what they like despite what the majority of us want – and need – to see happen.

It is also worth noting that, once again, those who will be hurt first and worst by these undemocratic decisions are low-income and people of color.

Like many in the majority, MN350 sees this moment as a clarion call for action at all levels. From individual conversations among our families and friends to political action and beyond, the time has never been more dire to fight for the future of our rights and recommit to each other, to our planet, and to the well-being of all.



MN350 is a statewide group working to make Minnesota a national leader in a just transition to a clean energy economy. MN350 Action is its political and advocacy arm.