September 20, 2023


Community members are coming together to ensure cleaner buses for Minnesota children

As parents and guardians across the state prepare to see their children off to their first day of school, many are unaware of the opportunity for Minnesota to receive dozens of free electric school buses.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will launch its second round of an Clean School Bus Rebate program this fall, aimed at advancing the adoption of electric buses and reducing emissions in the state. In the first round of federal funding, Minnesota only secured four electric buses, lagging behind neighboring states including South Dakota, which secured twice as many.

Parents, educators, and community members who are interested in seeing their students on cleaner buses are invited to attend Back to School: It’s Electric!, a two-hour event aimed at connecting neighbors to work with their school districts to apply for this federal funding. The event will also provide key information to support applicants in filling out the dense application packet.

For people concerned about young peoples’ health, federally-subsidized electric school buses are an obvious choice. Asthma-inducing particulate matter levels are up to 15 times higher inside a diesel school bus than an electric school bus. Students exposed to lower diesel bus emissions have been proven to have fewer absent school days, better lung function, and improved test scores.

“This is also an equity issue,” said MN350 Executive Director Tee McClenty. “Areas in Minnesota with the highest percentage of BIPOC residents have more than 5 times the rate of asthma emergency room visits related to air pollution compared to areas with more white residents. Cleaner electric school buses is one route to environmental justice.”

As the fall approaches, Minnesotans have an opportunity to take advantage of this important incentive. From health, to equity, cost-savings, and reducing our dependence of fossil fuels, electric school buses are a win for our communities.



Back to School: It’s Electric!

An opportunity for neighbors to support their school districts in securing electric school buses.


Wednesday, September 20, 2023

6:30-8:30 p.m.


Como Regional Park

1199 Midway Pkwy

St Paul, MN 55118