News Releases

September 20, 2023

Community members gathering to support school districts in securing free federal money for electric buses WHAT: On September 20, parents, educators, and community members who are interested in seeing their students on cleaner buses will gather at Como Regional Park to learn how to work with their school districts to apply for federal electric school bus funding. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) gives the EPA $5 billion dollars...

September 20, 2023

Community members are coming together to ensure cleaner buses for Minnesota children As parents and guardians across the state prepare to see their children off to their first day of school, many are unaware of the opportunity for Minnesota to receive dozens of free electric school buses. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will launch its second round of an Clean School Bus Rebate program this fall, aimed at advancing the...

August 18, 2023

The MN350 Board of Directors and Executive Director (“ED”) are fully supportive of MN350 organizers’ right to unionize. The standard "card check" process to recognize the union is currently underway. MN350 has submitted all legal requirements to the National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”) and the unionization process is following NLRB standards. The board of MN350 is responsible for the health and wellness of the organization and the employment of the...

August 16, 2023

The Just Transition Fund Coalition celebrates yesterday’s announcement of $10 million in new, dedicated funding to begin implementation of the City of Minneapolis’ ambitious 10-year Climate Equity Plan in 2024. On August 15, Mayor Jacob Frey gave the 2024 budget address, which included a first-time Climate Legacy Initiative. While the budget details are not yet available, the coalition — made up of local labor, immigrant rights, climate, and environmental justice organizations — is cautiously optimistic that new staff and programs to promote racial equity in the transition to clean energy will get funding next year.

March 23, 2023

“Big Oil companies spent decades lying to the people of Minnesota about their role in the climate crisis, and thanks to this ruling, our communities are one step closer to justice,” said MN350 Executive Director Tee McClenty. “These polluters have avoided accountability for years, and now it’s time for Minnesota’s day in court.” 

A large group holds signs outside of Wells Fargo center
March 22, 2023

"Chase, CitiBank, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo need us much more than we need them," said one protester. "These big four banks are considered too big to fail, but currently, they’re failing all of us on climate and a livable future. We don’t want our money and savings to be used to bankroll the climate crisis.”

February 8, 2023

Yesterday, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz signed the 100% Clean Energy bill into law. This bill will ensure Minnesota’s energy sector operates on 100% clean energy by the year 2040.  No matter where we live, the color of our skin, or how much money we make, all Minnesotans deserve to have clean air and water for our families now and for future generations. Our laws and policies should protect and care...

January 20, 2023

MN is now on track to provide 100% clean electricity by 2040, but are we using it? You have probably heard of the Inflation Reduction Act (or IRA), the biggest investment the United States has ever made toward transitioning to a clean energy future. While this is a huge step forward, the IRA alone is not enough to save us. In order to meet climate goals and ensure that the...