People’s Climate & Equity Plan

A local Green New Deal

All of us — regardless of the color of our skin, or where we live — need access to dignified work, safe, stable neighborhoods and a healthy climate. The People’s Climate & Equity Plan for Minneapolis is a people-centered approach to implementing climate solutions, creating jobs, and reducing inequality. Our goals are:

  • Guarantee comfortable, affordable, and carbon free buildings for all of Minneapolis by 2030
  • Reduce the racial wealth gap by creating access for communities of color to family-sustaining jobs in the growing green economy.
  • Ensure every person has a safe, healthy and climate-resilient neighborhood connected by accessible, carbon-free transportation
  • Create a robust dedicated funding stream to make bold climate justice policy a reality

We can make Minneapolis a model for a rapid and equitable transition to clean energy!

Minneapolis is in the process of updating their 10 year Climate Action Plan. With new federal dollars available starting in January, the city has the opportunity to completely transform Minneapolis. The People’s Climate & Equity fund, together with Inflation Reduction Act funding, would allow Minneapolis to make 100% carbon free buildings, clean transportation, and stable, healthy neighborhoods available to everyone, no exceptions. Investing in access for all makes the transition to clean energy faster and builds more wealth in our communities. It also allows us to make sure clean energy jobs pay well and to tap into new renewable resources like networked geothermal.

Other cities around the country have successfully set up funding for climate justice initiatives, including the Portland Clean Energy Fund that raises $60-90 million per year which is democratically controlled by and for communities of color.

Our work

Our communities are showing up to make this vision a reality. Neighbors have built teams in every ward of Minneapolis to pass a People’s Climate & Equity Plan for Minneapolis. Together we are reaching out to invite in friends and neighbors to create a steady drumbeat of support, pack the house at city council meetings, and make Minneapolis a leader on climate and racial justice.  Sign up below to get connected with your ward team.

The full city council is up for re-election this fall, and most city council members will be seeking their party’s endorsement. The best way to make sure your council member supports the plan is to become a caucus delegate and participate in the endorsement process. Join MN350 Action for a Caucus Training on Thursday, Feb 9 or Monday, Feb 13, and make the People’s Climate & Equity Plan irresistible.


Our partners

We’re working with partner organizations to make sure marginalized communities have full access to the benefits of the clean energy economy. We do this work with the following groups as part the Just Transition Fund Coalition:

Awood Workers Center, Black Visions, Community Power, Cooperative Energy Futures (CEF), Environmental Justice Advocates of MN (EJAM), Health Professionals for a Healthy Climate, ISAIAH, Minneapolis Federation of Teachers (MFT), Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light (MNIPL), MN Renewable Now, MN350 Action, MN Environmental Justice Table, SEIU Local 26, Sierra Club North Star, TakeAction MN, and Unidos MN.

Additional organizations are in the process of joining the effort.