Finding solutions

Campaign Spotlight

Building a just clean energy future

MN350’s newest initiative, the Solutions Team, was launched in 2018 by a group of volunteers eager to move beyond simply saying “no” to fossil fuel projects that harm us. They are exploring what to say “yes” to and how the climate movement can envision and realize a better future for everyone.

What we do

Promoting clean transportation for the climate and the health of our communities. We’re leading the charge for clean buses, cars, and other vehicles, for the health of our neighborhoods and the future of our planet. See how we’re working on this right now!

Building new models of agriculture that sequester atmospheric carbon instead of increasing it. We can change our farming practices and our food system to support healthy soil and land, cutting carbon emissions and drawing atmospheric carbon into the ground.

Fighting for inclusive financing, allowing everyone access to efficient, affordable energy. We can cut costs and emissions at the same time, for all parts of our community, regardless of income or credit score.

Why it matters

Without a vision of what a better world looks like, the climate movement has nothing to fight for. Through positive messages and practical solutions, we are creating a path for a world that’s more socially just and ecologically sound. As citizens, consumers, neighbors, and Minnesotans, the Solutions Team is our chance to band together for collective action and imagine what it looks like to win.


How to get involved

The Solutions Team meets from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on alternating Thursdays at the MN350 office. Our meetings include discussion and planning for our events and campaign work. For specific dates, check out the Events Calendar.

To learn more or to join the Solutions Team distribution list email Stan Sattinger.

Together, we can build the alternatives to an extractive, dirty fossil fuel economy, and get to where we need to go.