Training Coordinator

MN350 is seeking a dedicated volunteer to fill the Training Coordinator role, to help build the skills of the movement, and welcome in new volunteers.  The Training Coordinator would be in charge of logistics and recruitment for a training to be held every month, including:
  • Work with MN350 core team to decide on subject / trainers (we have a list of several we’ve done before, and often campaign needs prompt other new trainings as well)
  • Set a date / time and reserve a space (usually the MN350 office)
  • Write a description of the training (one paragraph) to promote:
    • on Facebook (create an event)
    • in our Action Alert email
    • to recruit directly from teams and active volunteers
  • Call newer / more active volunteers to let them know about the training and encourage them to come (time permitting).
  • (Optional) Help with setting up the space, including making sure we have snacks for attendees (expenses reimbursed).
  • (Optional) Help facilitate. Past training coordinators have often taken on facilitation roles, but it is not required.

Interested? Contact for more information.