Transit Justice

Transit Justice is Climate Justice

Climate justice recognizes that the impacts of climate change disproportionately affect marginalized communities who often contribute the least to greenhouse gas emissions. Transit justice focuses on ensuring that everyone, regardless of their socioeconomic status or location, has equal access to affordable, reliable, and efficient transportation options.

By providing accessible public transit, cycling infrastructure, and pedestrian-friendly environments, transit justice reduces reliance on private vehicles – which helps decrease air pollution while reducing health disparities in marginalized communities.

Promoting efficient public transit and reducing car use also lowers greenhouse gas emissions, benefiting the environment and community well-being.

We deserve resilient and sustainable transportation systems that create healthier environments, while providing fair and inclusive mobility options for all!

Campaign Spotlight: Riding Together, Thriving in Place


Historically, major projects like highways and transit lines displace whole communities of color and disrupt their local development. But with the proposed Blue Line extension, we have an opportunity to create a transit corridor that uplifts some of the most diverse communities in Minnesota, invests in our neighbors, and provides an abundant experience that supports the thriving, active, and vibrant lives of the people who call this place home.

Our vision of an equitable transit corridor includes measures like a transit ambassador program to connect residents to resources, and systems that protect cultural landmarks and safeguard diverse resident populations from being pushed out by rising rents.


How We'll Win


We’re building a diverse coalition of transit riders and community stakeholders to raise awareness and pressure decision-makers. 

With compelling data and personal stories, we’ll highlight the urgent need for transit ambassadors, free fares, social services, and increased funding.

Through grassroots organizing, we’ll engage at rallies, town halls, and forums, emphasizing the importance of accessible transit for all – including those in crisis or experiencing homelessness.

We’re partnering with organizations focused on mental health, housing, and social services, amplifying our impact and connecting our fight for transit justice with broader social justice movements.

Together, we’ll secure guaranteed transit funding, community-led safety, and accessibility for all!

Join Us!

Join organizers at our meetings to get an update on our work, and upcoming opportunities to get involved!

Whether you’re already passionate about the role of public transit in fostering a healthy climate, or you’re brand new and looking for a place to engage, this call will help us connect and share opportunities each of us can take to fight for transit justice.

Contact Daylon at for meeting details, or fill out the form below! You can also find the next meeting date and sign up on our MN350 events page.