Transit for Justice

We value public transit that will connect our communities, counteract climate change, and cultivate a sense of belonging for everyone who uses it.

However, there’s a lot to improve with the current transit system. The Metropolitan Council, which controls much of Metro Transit’s funding, has reinvested in police rather than creating the transit ambassador program we’re advocating for.

We demand transit ambassadors, instead of police, to support all riders’ needs. We demand efficient, reliable transit that allows riders to travel freely. We demand updating and electrifying our transit system to minimize climate impacts and ensure clean air.

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Our Vision

Support for All Riders

  • Have unarmed ambassadors trained in de-escalation and anti-racist community safety provide community resource connections and allow riders to pay unpaid fares
  • Transit ambassadors must have clear, measurable goals available to the public
  • Publish regular reports on route reliability

Ensure transit freedom

  • Establish transit stops within ¼ mile of every home in the Metro
  • Provide free fares for folks under 50% medium income
  • Phase out transit fares altogether through guaranteed transit funding

Provide a system for thriving lives

  • Transition to a zero-emission system, starting in communities affected most by pollution
  • Build transit stops that are safe for all people in all weather
  • Increase route frequency to improve access to jobs

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