Julia Fritz-Endres

Volunteer Spotlight

Julia Fritz-Endres has interned with the Pipeline Resistance Team since June of 2018. Originally from the Boston area, she moved to Minnesota to attend Macalester College in St. Paul. Julia has been involved extensively in the fight against Line 3. She has helped organize and emcee events, write articles and make flyers, coordinate tabling opportunities, and work with coalition partners. She believes in the power of infrastructure fights to help win energy system change at scale.

“Reading the most recent IPCC predictions, I am worried that my generation will be the last to live on a planet with a stable climate. I believe that we can and must transition away from dirty fuels, and that our solutions—bolstering our economies through renewable infrastructure and tackling energy transitions on an international scale—are within our sights. … Working with the PRT has shown me that, through coalition-building and people power, we can continue this fight against dirty fuel projects and pave the way for a clean energy future.”

In addition to her work on the Pipeline Resistance Team, Julia is pursuing a degree in Environmental Studies with a focus on Climate Science and Policy.