Weekly calls to the city council

Make a call to your Minneapolis city council member in support of the People’s Climate & Equity Plan! Mary breaks it down.


This week we’re calling to make sure the mayor and every city council member understand the economic benefits of the People’s Climate & Equity. Feel free to use any material from previous weeks, below.



Find your council member’s phone number below, and remember to fill out the Week 7 form when you’re done so we know how many calls each council member is receiving.

 Mayor Frey   612-673-2100
 Ward 1 Elliot Payne   612-673-2201
 Ward 2 Robin Wonsley   612-673-2202
 Ward 3 Michael Rainville   612-673-2203
 Ward 4 LaTrisha Vetaw   612-673-2204
 Ward 5 Jeremiah Ellison   612-673-2205
 Ward 6 Jamal Osman   612-673-2206
 Ward 7 Lisa Goodman   612-673-2207
 Ward 8 Andrea Jenkins   612-673-2208
 Ward 9 Jason Chavez   612-673-2209
 Ward 10 Aisha Chughtai   612-673-2210
 Ward 11 Emily Koski   612-673-2211
 Ward 12 Andrew Johnson   612-673-2212
 Ward 13 Linea Palmisano   612-673-2213