Missing & Murdered Relatives

MN350's campaign to protect indigenous girls, women & relatives from sex trafficking and violence

About the issue

Racial justice is integral to climate justice. 5,712 cases of missing & murdered indigenous women, girls, and relatives were reported in 2016. According to Native Women’s Wilderness, indigenous women are murdered at 10 times the rate of other ethnicities. This is the third leading cause of death for indigenous women, according to the Centers for Disease Control. MN350’s MMIR campaign was established to end this violence.

Campaign vision and strategy

Extractive industries and systemic oppression put indigenous women at risk. We are combatting the epidemic of missing and murdered indigenous women, girls, and relatives in Anishinaabe and Dakotah territories within Minnesota. We are building a world where no woman, girl, or relative in Minnesota will be victims of sex trafficking and violent crimes.

Through education and outreach, we are bringing together people to develop curriculum on trafficking, partner with ally networks, and work with youth to develop empowerment and leadership.

We are informing neighbors and lawmakers about the epidemic and providing pathways to solutions. Through legislation we will fight for the funding of programs and community resources to assist in education, preparation, healing, and justice. Through rapid response we will stand shoulder to shoulder with the directly impacted with love in our hearts.