Our Teams

Clean Transportation Team

The MN350 Clean Transportation Team is organizing everyday Minnesotans for affordable and accessible forms of sustainable transportation that don’t pollute our air or make us sick. Join us to help MN transition to a clean and healthy transit system for all.

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Food Systems Team

The MN350 Food Systems team is changing the way Minnesotans think about our food production and its connection to climate. We are creating a food system that is local, regenerative, equitable, and mindful of its impact on future generations. We welcome all who hold a stake in eating food โ€“ join us!

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Green New Deal Team

Our communities need a federal jobs guarantee, a Green New Deal that will invest in our health and wellness, and protect our climate. The Green New Deal team is working to tell the story of what’s possible, and organizing to make sure that everyone has access to the green economy of the future, no exceptions.

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Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives Team

The Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives (MMIR) epidemic has been linked to extractive industries, natural resource acquisition and an inequitable economy. With MN350โ€™s vision to transition to a fossil fuel free future, make consumption sustainable and create a life-affirming economy, the MMIR team is another step towards the safe and healthy future that our children and grandchildren deserve.

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Pipeline Resistance Team

MN350โ€™s Pipeline Resistance Team is reversing the climate crisis and bringing about a more just world through mass movement work to stop fossil fuel infrastructure, especially the tar sands pipelines that cross our state.

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Policy Action Team

MN350โ€™s Policy Action Team mobilizes supporters across Minnesota to communicate with their state legislators about climate change, clean renewable energy and climate justice. We work to make the legislative process more transparent by keeping Minnesotans informed and engaged so we can hold decision-makers accountable.

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Transit Justice Team

MN350โ€™s Transit Justice Team is fighting for a future where Twin Cities public transit is the envy of the world. We demand transit that is reliable, frequent, accessible, climate-conscious, and safe for all riders. Weโ€™re pushing the Metropolitan Council and Metro Transit to include riders in decisions that affect us, like routes, transit safety, and fare enforcement. Join us!

Art Team

The Rapid Response Art Team supports MN350 team calls for beautiful and creative visuals at public actions. We have fun designing, constructing, and deploying action-focused art.

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Communications Team

The MN350 Communications Team works to shift the narrative on climate to reach new audiences, inspire our members to action, and build relationships with decision makers and the media. As we call attention to the urgency of climate change, we also strive to highlight our values and vision of the beautiful world we know is possible.

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Fundraising Team

The Fundraising Team helps make MN350 and MN350 Action’s work possible. Join us!

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