Green New Deal

Community Wellness & Good Jobs for All
Jobs Not Jails

Imagine that everyone in your neighborhood had a good paying job, delicious local food to eat, and a place to call home. You and your neighbors, Black, white and brown, could breathe clean air and feel safe walking outside on a summer evening.

For our communities to be well, everyone needs access to dignified work. In order for our land, water and neighborhoods to thrive, we must stop the pollution causing heat waves and asthma, transform our public safety systems, and build a healthy and just future for our children.

Federal Jobs Guarantee

As we rebuild our communities post COVID, post uprising, and work to prevent dangerous climate change, there is plenty to do. And there are plenty of hands ready to take on the work of repair and renewal.

We are demanding national lawmakers provide good jobs for all, but we don’t have to wait for federal funding to get started on creating jobs that support our communities. We can get started right now.

Green Jobs, Right Now

After supporting SEIU Local 26 janitors in a successful strike for climate demands and helping elect climate champions in Greater MN, our team is working for a Minneapolis Green New Deal.

We can create climate solutions that make the benefits of clean energy available to all, and help eliminate racial wealth and health disparities. As the clean energy economy takes off, we must ensure access to green jobs and pollution-free neighborhoods for those who have been left behind for too long. 

To win those changes, we need leaders who will work hard to create a better future. Our sister organization, MN350 Action is working to endorse and elect Minneapolis mayoral and city council candidates who will step up to bold leadership on climate and racial justice.

Stories from a Green New Deal

Our team is also out talking to people about the Green New Deal, collecting stories from workers, businesses, and neighbors, who have glimpsed and experienced the need for the future we want to build.

We can be what we have the courage to imagine together. Sign up below to connect with a MN350 Green New Deal team member and learn how you can support community wellness and a healthy climate as we rebuild a world where none of us are left behind.