Green New Deal

Community Wellness & Good Jobs for All
Jobs Not Jails

Imagine that everyone in your neighborhood had a good paying job, delicious local food to eat, and a place to call home. You and your neighbors, Black, white and brown, could breathe clean air and feel safe walking outside on a summer evening.

For our communities to be well, everyone needs access to dignified work. In order for our land, water and communities to flourish, we must stop the pollution causing heat waves and asthma, and build a healthy and just future for our children.

Federal Jobs Guarantee

As we rebuild our communities post COVID, post uprising, and work to prevent dangerous climate change, there is plenty to do. And there are plenty of hands ready to take on the work of repair and renewal.

We are demanding national lawmakers provide good jobs for all, but we don’t have to wait for federal funding to get started on creating jobs that support our communities. We can get started right now.

Green Jobs, Right Now

One place to start is to create jobs by promoting existing weatherization programs. These programs can help us pay fewer bills, improve air quality in our homes and create jobs for our neighbors.

Upgrading our buildings to be weather-tight saves so much energy, it pays for itself within 10 years. Many working class folks qualify for that work to be done at no cost, but most are unaware of the opportunity. In fact, less than 1% of eligible households in Minnesota are taking advantage of the weatherization programs that protect our climate, make our houses cozy, and our pocketbooks plump.

Programs for Small Businesses

Our team is currently working with small businesses in Minneapolis to help them access programs that support energy efficiency upgrades and allow for installing solar with no upfront cost, with the highest rewards for businesses affected by the fires last summer. Building back clean creates jobs and wellness now, and protects our children and grandchildren from climate change for generations to come.

We can be what we have the courage to imagine together. Sign up below to connect with a MN350 Green New Deal team member and learn how you can support community wellness and a healthy climate as we rebuild a world where none of us are left behind.