MN350 board

Sarah Driever, Esq.

Sarah Driever, Esq. is Director of Development at Minnesota Autism Center (MAC). Ms. Driever supervises the philanthropy plan and oversees multi-platform fundraising, grant management, donor cultivation and communication. She graduated from Drake University with a BA in Mass Communication/Journalism (2006), a BA in English (2006), and received her Juris Doctor from St. Thomas University School of Law (2009). She brings over 12 years of experience in the non-profit sector and a passion for making systems
more accessible and equitable. Ms. Driever’s interest in the intersection of environmental justice, social justice and health equity brings her to MN350.

Eleanor "Li" Dvorak

Li’s initiation to MN350 and the Pipeline Resistance Team was a 2017 anti-pipeline bus trip to Bemidji during a snowstorm; she has since helped organize many Stop Line 3 marches and events. Li joined the Coordinating Council in 2018 as Treasurer, using her 20+ years’ accounting and finance experience to support MN350.  In between meetings she loves to walk, garden, bake, and talk politics with her family. When overwhelmed by the news of people displaced by climate change or communities threatened by fossil fuels and corporate profits, she finds strength in her fellow MN350 ‘teammates’ and in working harder for climate justice.

Tara Houska

A water protector and community leader, Tara is the founder of the Giniw Collective, an Indigenous-led front-line resistance group fighting Line 3 and other violent tar sands projects. In 2016, Tara served as an Advisor to the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign on Native American affairs. Tara is also an experienced attorney and writer, with bylines in the New York Times and Vogue, and regular contribution to Indian Country Today.

Sheila Lamb

Sheila Lamb is an Ojibwe leader from Cloquet, Minnesota. She works on behalf of trafficked and at risk youth in Northern Minnesota, most recently through Life Health. She serves on Minnesota’s Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) Task Force, compiling a report on the MMIW epidemic for legislative action. In 2018, Lamb was elected to the Cloquet City Council from Ward 2. She joined MN350 several years ago as part of our Pipeline Resistance work and has been committed to the work for climate justice ever since.

Marcus Mills

Marcus Mills serves as the Organizing Coordinator for Community Power, an organization advocating for local and community-focused clean energy solutions in Minnesota cities. A passionate leader in local politics, Mills has served in several roles for the Senate District 60 DFL and was elected as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 2020.

Maliah-Mae Pennington

Maliah-Mae Pennington lives in Minneapolis, a city she’s deeply connected to and ardently serves. Equipped with a Master’s in Environmental Science in Compliance from Unity College, her credentials mirror her commitment. She isn’t just about the books but the action. Her tenure at the Conservation Corps and Minnesota DNR showcases her hands-on approach, from leading prescribed burns and wildland fire crews to impactful reforestation efforts. But Maliah-Mae’s dedication isn’t confined to just environmental pursuits. Her roles as Special Needs Caregiver underscore her nurturing spirit and her deep-rooted commitment to the community. She embodies a fierce dedication to environmental and community justice, always driven by her passion for sustainability and the well-being of Minneapolis and the state of Minnesota.

Jeremy Schroeder

Jeremy Schroeder is a former member of the Minneapolis City Council, where he represented Ward 11 in south Minneapolis. He is one of the authors of Minneapolis’s declaration of a climate emergency and numerous laws to holistically fight climate change. Throughout his career, Jeremy has led efforts to support good government, workers’ rights, human rights, and equity. Prior to his service on the City Council, Jeremy worked for almost 20 years as a community advocate. He was a critical part of passing legislation to increase affordable housing in Minnesota and to abolish the Illinois death penalty. Jeremy holds a law degree from the University of District of Columbia Law School and an undergraduate engineering degree from Marquette University.

Dara Topping

Dara Topping is an Ojibwe Culture Legacy Coach for grades 6-12 for the Independent School District of Cloquet. Dara is an Ojibwe woman who has lived on the Fond du Lac Reservation for most of her life. It is her passion to teach fellow educators how to most efficiently teach Indigenous students about themselves in an accurate and honorable way.

Dara is interested in community engagement work to disrupt the oppressive systems of racism to make the world a better place for the next 7 generations.