Big Oil's Big Deception

MN350 supports MN's lawsuit to hold fossil fuel companies accountable for decades of lies

The movement to #StopLine3

Minnesota's leaders are standing up to prevent a climate catastrophe

Clean energy for all

MN350 is a people-powered organization working to transition to a just clean-energy future.

Treaty rights in MN

MN350 supports the RISE Coalition

The change is happening now

Minnesota can lead the way to an equitable clean-energy economy
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Material support is essential for water protectors on the front lines. When you donate food or gear, you support them and their communities as they focus on stopping Line 3. Participate in the long overdue reparations owed Indigenous people.


Exxon, Koch and other fossil fuel companies have known for decades that their products cause harm. But they lied and covered up, just like tobacco companies. Now Minnesota has filed a consumer fraud lawsuit to hold them accountable for decades of deception.


Respecting treaties with Indigenous tribes is a powerful way to work toward climate justice. The Honor the Treaties Pledge from MN350 and the RISE Coalition acknowledges our history of broken treaties and stolen land. We are all treaty people.

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Upcoming Events

Jul 26,2021
MMIR Mondays
Join us to honor our missing and murdered Indigenous relatives! Show up for healing and to put pressure our legislature to support Sen....
Jul 28,2021
Policy Action Team
If you’re new to the team, join at 6 p.m. for an introduction to the team and an overview of what we’re currently working...
Jul 29,2021
We Are All Downstream Rise Up to #StopLine3
WE ARE ALL DOWNSTREAM Minnesota Rise Up – Stop Line 3 Join us in community to tell the story of Line 3. It’s time for us to make it...


Thousands of Minnesotans are joining the climate justice movement to protect our climate for future generations, end the era of fossil fuel pollution and transition to a clean energy economy that works for everyone

Clean Energy

We are building a statewide network of Minnesotans to demand bold leadership for climate action at the Capitol.

Pipeline Resistance

The Line 3 pipeline would carry as much carbon as 50 coal plants. We're working hard to stop this assault on our climate and our communities.

Community Outreach

Building an unstoppable climate justice movement means creating spaces for people to come together to laugh, learn and take action.

Food Systems

Works to transform our food system from a carbon source to a carbon sink through regenerative agriculture, plant-rich diets, and food waste reduction.

Campaign Spotlight

Stop Line 3

MN350’s Pipeline Resistance Team organizes Minnesotans to oppose Line 3, a tar sands oil pipeline proposed through northern Minnesota. Tar sands is one of the most climate-damaging fuels in the world.

Together, we’re building a movement to stop new crude oil pipelines in Minnesota. We strategically engage at hearings, organize marches and other actions, create resistance artwork, use peaceful civil disobedience, and build powerful coalitions. Join us.

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Volunteer Spotlight

Protecting Minnesota

Julia Fritz-Endres has interned with the Pipeline Resistance Team since June 2018. Originally from Boston, she moved to Minnesota to attend Macalester College in St. Paul (and to spend time on the North Shore). Julia has been deeply involved in the fight against the Line 3 tar sands pipeline, organizing events, writing articles, designing flyers and working with coalition partners.

Minnesotans are stepping up in many ways to protect our climate!

Meet Julia