The People's Climate & Equity Plan for Minneapolis

A people-centered approach to implementing climate solutions, creating jobs, and reducing inequality
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Support the Frontline Fund

Invest in those most affected by the climate crisis
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Tee McClenty's Vision for MN350

MN350 Executive Director Tee McClenty talks about her personal connection to the climate justice movement, her vision for the future, and her belief in people power.
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Clean energy for all

MN350 is a people-powered organization working to transition to a just clean-energy future.

Policy Action Team

Working with leaders at every level to make climate change a priority
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The Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives (MMIR) epidemic has been linked to extractive industries, natural resource acquisition, and an inequitable economy. Join the MMIR team to fight against the harms these industries cause our people and our planet.


The Frontline fund is committed to aiding frontline workers with microfinancing for: emergency relief grants; supporting and connect leaders within BIPOC communities; opportunities to grow the climate justice movement in Minnesota; and more.


Respecting treaties with Indigenous tribes is a powerful way to work toward climate justice. The Honor the Treaties Pledge from MN350 acknowledges our history of broken treaties and stolen land. We are all treaty people.

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Upcoming Events

Feb 9,2023
Caucus Training Minneapolis 2023
This fall every city council member in Minneapolis will be up for re-election, and most candidates will be seeking their party’s...
Feb 12,2023
The Energy Bills Are Too Dang High! (St. Paul)
Are your energy bills through the roof this winter? Come for a community gathering to learn about programs that offer energy bill assistance...
Feb 13,2023
MMIWR Mondays
Every Monday, MN350’s Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives Organizer Jessica Gidagaakoons Smith will host a livestream discussing...


Thousands of Minnesotans are joining the climate justice movement to protect our climate for future generations, end the era of fossil fuel pollution and transition to a clean energy economy that works for everyone

Clean Energy

We are building a statewide network of Minnesotans to demand bold leadership for climate action at the Capitol.

Pipeline Resistance

Working in mass movement to fossil fuel infrastructure, especially the tar sands pipelines that cross our state.

Community Outreach

Building an unstoppable climate justice movement means creating spaces for people to come together to laugh, learn and take action.

Food Systems

Supporting a more just and climate-resilient food system through regenerative agriculture, plant-rich diets, and food waste reduction.