Elect The Met Council

We Deserve A More
Democratic Met Council

Since its creation more than 50 years ago, the 17-member Metropolitan Council has been appointed by the governor.


Through HF 1122/SF 938, we have the opportunity to make the Met Council positions directly elected!

Why Does This Matter?

The Metropolitan Council is a powerful body with the potential to take bold, meaningful action on climate change. It controls much of the public transportation, regional housing policy, water treatment, and regional parks and trails in the 7-county Metropolitan region, an area that includes approximately half the state’s population. It has a $1.2 billion dollar budget and it runs the third-largest police department in the state, Metro Transit Police.

To win better public transit, we need to transform the Metropolitan Council.

We deserve a more democratic, more accountable Council, and the opportunity for community to be more actively engaged in the Council’s work and decisions.

What Does This Mean for Transit Justice

We envision a Council that understands public transit as an essential function of our communities, takes action on climate change and racial justice, and plans long-term for the intersections of land use, housing, and transit.

What's in the Bill?

The Metropolitan Council will still have 17 members, but members will be directly elected by district rather than appointed by the governor. Terms will be staggered; elections will alternate even/odd districts every two years. The Chair will be chosen by the Council from elected members. Council members will still be part-time and receive a $20K subsidy. The bill also specifies limits on campaign spending and donations, and rules for special elections.

How Can I Support This?

Contact your MN House and Senate representative! Tell them we deserve a more democratic Metropolitan Council! Write a letter to the editor. Earned media helps us build our narrative, inform the community about the potential of an elected Council, and alert representatives that we support an elected Council.