Stop Line 3

We are part of a global movement to end our dependence on fossil fuels and transition fully to clean energy. In Minnesota, that means stopping Line 3.

Campaign Spotlight

What is Line 3?

Similar to the Keystone pipeline, Line 3 is a massive tar sands oil pipeline slated for construction across the northern part of Minnesota, from Canada’s tar sands region to Superior, Wisconsin. If built, the pipeline would carry some of the dirtiest oil in the world, tar sands crude. The proposed pipeline would cross over 192 bodies of water, including the Mississippi River twice, threatening clean water supplies throughout the state. Line 3 also violates the 1855 Treaty, which establishes the right for Indigenous people to hunt, fish, and gather along the proposed pipeline route.

How will we win?

We stood up to the Keystone and Sandpiper pipelines and we can stop Line 3. We know Minnesotans are with us. Of the 72,000 public comments collected about Line 3, 68,000 opposed the pipeline. That’s 94% of the public. Standing together we can:

  • Uphold environmental laws to prevent Enbridge from securing the 29 permits still needed to build Line 3.
  • Support the multiple lawsuits against this project, including from Minnesota’s own Department of Commerce.
  • Demand that Governor Walz and Lieutenant Governor Flanagan stop Enbridge from doing “pre-constructionright now, which includes moving in pipes and clear cutting forests.
We need you.

In the face a global climate crisis, Line 3 is a direct threat to our collective future. Sign the Pledge of Resistance and help create a world with clean water, clean energy, and a healthy climate for all people:

Sign the Pledge.